Payment Of Childcare Fees

The childcare fee will be automatically deducted from the parent's account at Japan Post Bank (post office) every month.

We have set the withdrawal date on the 10th of every month, so please be sure to make the payment by that date. If it is not withdrawn on the 10th, it will be withdrawn again on the 20th of the month.
If you are staying with your siblings, please pay the total amount for both of them.
Please be sure to pay the childcare fee by the 10th of each month.
If you are going to kindergarten by bus, please hand the miscellaneous expense bag to the teacher on duty on the bus.

If you do not use the bus, please bring it to the office.

Dear Parents

Please note that the childcare fee must be paid while the child is enrolled regardless of attendance. (Since we operate the nursery school every month, we will ask you to pay a predetermined amount for school lunches and bus fees regardless of the number of days you are absent.)
We also provide snacks to all children during morning nursery. In addition, snacks are served at 10:00 a.m. all year round for the infant egg group and chick group.
This year, school lunches will begin on April 14th (Thursday). During that time, we will provide snacks, fruits, and drinks until the children get accustomed to the kindergarten. increase.
The amount of the childcare fee will be distributed in the "Notice of Childcare Fee Decision", so please pay or pay the applicable amount by the due date for childcare fee payment.

About childcare fee multiple child reduction system

From October 2019, for households with siblings, the childcare fee for the second child will be half price, and the childcare fee for the third and subsequent children will be free, counting from siblings who live together. (Extended childcare is excluded.) Childcare fees for 0-2 year old classes, which are not eligible for free childcare and childcare, will be reduced depending on the family situation.

About certification change

Please be sure to contact the school if you move or change certifications during the year.

Contents of childcare fees

With the start of the "New System for Supporting Children and Child-rearing," our nursery school has also acquired a certified nursery school. (Children and older are free of charge) We will add an additional fee to the childcare fee determined by the city hall every month.

Additional collection items

Additional charge for infants and young children... 0 year old is 5,000 yen, 1 year old is 4,000 yen, 2 year old is 3,000 yen, and 3 year old is 2,000 yen. Please understand that it will be a labor cost for childcare assistants to help each class or grade.

Facility maintenance fee... It will be the cost of repairing the facility, maintenance, and repairing the garden. We will collect from all kindergarten children. It is 2000 yen per month.
Lunch fee... For those who are certified as No. 1, we will collect 6000 yen per month.
  If you are certified as No. 2, we will collect 7500 yen per month.
  There is no collection for those who are eligible for Category 3 certification as it is included in the childcare fees shown at the city hall.

※About reduction collection... For those who are certified as No. 1, the school lunch fee will be reduced by 2000 yen only for August. This will cover school lunches during the summer school starting on August 25th. Please understand that this addition will be collected even if you are absent from the summer nursery school. In addition, if you use childcare other than regular childcare (summer vacation) during August, we will add 300 yen for school lunch fee to the usage fee of 2500 yen. The school lunch fee of 6,000 yen will be reduced to 2,000 yen, and the difference of 4,000 yen will be applied to the heating costs that will be billed in December. If you are a No. 2 or No. 3 certified child and do not use childcare other than summer childcare in August, we will accept a reduced fee.
Star class English tuition... We will add 25,000 yen per month as an English tuition fee.

Shuttle bus usage fee...... If you use the shuttle bus, we will add 5000 yen per month. People who use the bus in the morning and pick you up on the way back. For those who use the bus only for the return trip, the one-way fare will be 2,500 yen. Basically, if you do not use the bus but occasionally use it, we will only support those who can stop on the bus route, so please contact us. We will charge 300 yen per ride. Please understand that those who are not on the route of the bus service cannot use it.

No. 1 certified children cannot use the bus during the summer, winter, and spring vacations as they are used as a kindergarten.
For No. 2 and No. 3 certified passengers, the "Summer/Winter/Spring Special Bus Course" will be set only for regular bus users.
The fee for the shuttle bus is calculated based on annual expenses for 12 months, such as gasoline costs, vehicle inspections, inspections, and labor costs for driving work, so please pay regardless of the month you use it or not.
Each kindergarten room is air-conditioned. We will collect 1000 yen per month for air conditioning. In the summer, please pay a total of 4000 yen for cooling expenses from July to October in a miscellaneous expense bag in July. In winter, we will bill the total heating cost of 4000 yen from December to March in a miscellaneous expense bag in December. Thank you very much.